Lobdell Family to Sponsor Suicide Prevention Training for Schools in Onondaga County

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Lobdell Family to Sponsor Suicide Prevention Training for Schools in Onondaga County

March 18, 2024

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In a groundbreaking initiative aimed at safeguarding the mental health and well-being of youth, the Lobdell Family is sponsoring a county-wide program to train all school district employees in Onondaga County in suicide prevention during the upcoming school year.

This vital program underscores the community’s commitment to recognizing and acting upon the early warning signs of mental distress among students. County Executive McMahon highlighted the urgency and importance of this initiative, stating, “We’re going to train all school district employees to look for these warning signs so we can get our kids help. And that’s really important to me, and I know it’s really important for the community at large.”

The comprehensive training program is designed to equip teachers, administrators, and all school staff with the necessary skills to identify students at risk of suicide and guide them towards getting the help they need. “We all need to know the signs when someone is struggling,” McMahon explained, emphasizing the collective responsibility in fostering a supportive and aware educational environment.

The Lobdell’s sponsorship of this program is part of their ongoing commitment to mental health advocacy and his belief in proactive education and support. “Caring for the mind now, so it can continue to flourish later,” Vinny Lobdell remarked, capturing the essence of this initiative’s goal – to create a resilient, informed, and caring school community capable of supporting its most vulnerable members.

The program aligns with Lobdell’s broader philanthropic vision, which focuses on creating impactful changes within the community, especially in areas critical to the development and safety of children and young adults. By investing in mental health awareness and suicide prevention training, Lobdell and Onondaga County are taking significant steps towards a future where every child feels supported, understood, and valued.

About Vinny Lobdell

Vinny Lobdell is an entrepreneur and a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness. His investments and philanthropic efforts are driven by a personal mission to improve mental health care and reduce stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

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