Vinny Lobdell and Devin Daly Collaborate to Invest in Clinicom

Vinny Lobdell and Devin Daly Collaborate to Invest in Clinicom

January 29, 2024


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Syracuse, NY - January, 2024

In a significant step towards expanding mental health awareness and impact, Vinny Lobdell, a passionate advocate for mental health, has teamed up with Devin Daly, the dynamic leader at, to lead an investment round in Clinicom. This collaboration marks a strategic effort to bring advanced mental health assessment and resources to a broader audience, extending their reach far beyond Oswego County and Central New York.

Clinicom, renowned for its innovative approach in mental health assessment, is at the forefront of providing comprehensive support for over 80 DSM conditions through a single adaptive machine learning assessment. This revolutionary platform is set to benefit significantly from the combined expertise of Lobdell and Daly, whose shared vision focuses on enhancing mental health care accessibility and quality.

Together, Lobdell and Daly are poised to make a substantial impact in the mental health sector. Their collaboration signifies a crucial step towards addressing the growing need for accessible and effective mental health care solutions, not just in Central New York but across a much larger audience.

Lobdell, deeply motivated by personal experiences, has been a prominent figure in advocating for mental health awareness. His investment in Clinicom aligns with his ongoing commitment to making tangible improvements in mental health care and support.

Daly, with his extensive background in technology growth companies and transformative software, brings invaluable insights to the partnership. His expertise in leveraging technology for social good will play a crucial role in enhancing Clinicom’s reach and effectiveness.

About Vinny Lobdell

Vinny Lobdell is an entrepreneur and a dedicated advocate for mental health awareness. His investments and philanthropic efforts are driven by a personal mission to improve mental health care and reduce stigma surrounding mental illnesses.

About Devin Daly

Devin Daly is an accomplished technology executive, speaker, and software investor. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Impel, the global leader in AI-powered digital engagement technology and generative conversational AI applications for the automotive and specialty vehicle industries with more than 5k dealership customers in over 50 countries.

 Before founding Impel, Devin was focused on helping large fashion and eCommerce brands like Louis Vuitton and Converse leverage interactive merchandising capabilities to optimize their business performance. Devin started his career in technology investment banking and private equity. Today, Devin actively angel invests in software companies with over 50 direct angel holdings and limited partner participation in more than a dozen venture and PE funds. Devin’s commitment to social causes makes him a vital contributor to the mental health sector. mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

About Clinicom

Clinicom is an advanced mental health platform that offers a comprehensive assessment and monitoring system for various mental health conditions, utilizing adaptive augmented intelligence to improve clinical outcomes.

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