World Class Sushi Experience in Upstate New York

Hidden Fish Interior

World Class Sushi Experience in Upstate New York

April 5, 2024



Skaneateles, NY – Hidden Fish opened its doors in March, offering a fresh world-class sushi experience right here in Upstate NY. This latest venture is a celebration of craftsmanship and fresh ingredients, transforming an unsuspecting office space into a modern sushi destination.

A Vision Realized in Every Detail

Our ambition for Hidden Fish was to create a sushi restaurant that honors both the heritage of the craft and the sophisticated palette of modern sushi lovers. The building, beautifully retrofitted is a contemporary style, setting the perfect stage for an exceptional dining experience.

Exceptional Sushi Crafted with Precision

Chef Tran, a master of the sushi craft, leads our kitchen with a commitment to excellence that is noticeable in every dish served. From the sourcing of the freshest fish to the careful preparation of each roll, our menu is what true quality looks like – and how we define world-class sushi

Cultivating Expertise and Community

I am grateful to be a small part of the vision set forth by Adam Weitsman and Jeff Knauss, whose collective leadership brought Hidden Fish to life. Their passion for excellence has set a high standard that inspires our entire team.

An exciting addition to our journey is watching my son, Noah, learn from some of the best in the industry. His involvement in Hidden Fish is a learning opportunity and, it’s a chance to shape a business that prides itself on exceptional culinary experiences and community connection.

Looking Forward with Gratitude

The opening of Hidden Fish has been exciting, thanks to the incredible support from our staff, partners, and every guest who has walked through our doors. This venture is special, and I can’t wait see the community gather, share experiences, and enjoy the art of sushi.

We invite you to visit Hidden Fish and discover a place where exceptional food and welcoming atmosphere meet. Join us for an experience that extends beyond the dining table and into the heart of Skaneateles.

Warmly, Vinny Lobdell

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